Response Ability: Environment, Health and Everyday Transcendence

Response Ability: Environment, Health and Everyday Transcendence


By Professor Frank Fisher

An anthology bringing together a selection of works by pioneering systems thinker and Australia’s Inaugural Environmental Educator of the Year, the late Professor Frank Fisher. It includes articles and essays from over three decades of pioneering education, research and action. Featuring illuminating insights from a life dedicated to systems thinking and the understanding of how people think and act.

This collection brilliantly explores the inter-dependent reality of issues such as energy, transport, equality, democracy, health, illness and disability, bringing it all together to demonstrate how to take more effective action towards regenerating the systems and stories we live by.  

‘I welcome this book, which should be on the desk of every thinker and in the shoulder holster of every activist. We should be taking responsibility for our futures; this book, as the title suggests, provides us with Response Ability.’ – Professor Ian Lowe AO 

‘So many people are relieved to witness the advent of this book Response Ability, a selection of writings by Professor Frank Fisher, launched in July 2006. Frank has been pondering, writing and acting for several decades and we were concerned that so much water had flowed under the bridge and now might be headed to the open sea. How timely to dam the flow and trap in one place so many enriching and enabling ideas.’ – the late Eric Bottomley, Centre for Education and Research in Environmental Strategies (CERES)

Edited by Fran Macdonald

Cover design by Sam Fisher

Publisher: Vista Publications

Published: 2006

Format: Paperback

Pages: 315

ISBN: 1 8763 7010 6 

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