We're changing name

From Rescope Radio to The RegenNarration


Today we have a special announcement. The Rescope Radio podcast is about to sprout into an independent production called The RegenNarration. Over the last year in particular, the podcast has found an increasing number of you listening, supporting and corresponding about how much you’ve been appreciating the conversations. So we’re going to dedicate more time to the podcast this year, as it becomes an independent venture, and hope you’ll join us on the journey.

I found myself increasingly moved by this generation of people, across all ages, and all walks of life, right around the world, regenerating the systems we live by – economics, food, energy and so on - and doing so with a more holistic focus, better weaving these systems together to form a more artful tapestry of human life on this planet.
— Anthony James

To do that, of course, simply subscribe to the podcast. If you’ve already subscribed, you’ll keep receiving episodes as you always have. Just with a new name and look. So why this name? Anthony introduces it here, along with a little background, in this brief announcement episode.

Stay tuned next week for episode #035, the first with the new name. And as ever, we’ll be a listener and worker supported endeavour. So please continue to donate where you can, and we’ll offer opportunities to become a patron or partner of the podcast too.

For now, thanks as always for your generous support, thoughtful messages and gracious listening. See you next week!

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