#035 Come of Age

A case for elderhood in troubled times, with Stephen Jenkinson


Welcome to episode 35 of this podcast, the 1st since we changed name from Rescope Radio to The RegenNarration. We’re launching with this special conversation featuring Stephen Jenkinson, an internationally distinguished culture activist, teacher, ceremonialist, author and farmer. He’s currently touring with his new book 'Come of Age: The Case for Elderhood in a Time of Trouble'.

Stephen Jenkinson. Pic: supplied.

Stephen Jenkinson. Pic: supplied.

In a minor way, people in their teens, twenties and even into their thirties might be, at least in a passing fashion, seeking after some kind of elderhood to sort of underwrite their endeavours. People in their sixties and seventies are doing exactly the same thing.
— Stephen Jenkinson

Eldership is such a vital part of human life – of human cultures – and lost to our peril. It’s been a recurring theme on this podcast, since the very first episode with John Fullerton. 'Come of Age' is said to make the case that we must birth a new generation of elders, one poised and willing to be true stewards of the planet and its species.

Stephen shares a range of beautiful and powerfully eloquent insights here, on what this might mean for both the older folk among us, and the young. Where do we find wisdom, a joy that isn’t sought as distraction, and an embrace of limits as inherent to our humanness?

The conversation explores a number of particularly moving encounters in Stephen’s life, and what they taught him about such ‘humanness’, particularly in the context of artificial intelligence, death-defying potions, and anxiety and despair about the world and what we’re doing in it. It all culminates with an extended music production from the last time Stephen was in Australia.

Joining Anthony online from his farm in the Ottawa Valley, with the river ice thawing, here’s Stephen Jenkinson.

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A special week-long master class will be run from 6 May on North Stradbroke Island.



Jo, by Goldfrapp, from the Tales of Us album.

Mother Canoe, by Stephen Jenkinson & Gregory Hoskins, from the Nights of Grief & Mystery album.

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