#029 Launching the Wellbeing Economy Alliance

A conversation with Research Director & author Dr Katherine Trebeck


Last month saw the 10th anniversary of the Lehman Brothers collapse that triggered the GFC. It was a fitting occasion to launch a new global alliance on the streets of New York City - the Wellbeing Economy Alliance, poetically abbreviated to WEAll.

Dr Katherine Trebeck. Pic: supplied.

Dr Katherine Trebeck. Pic: supplied.

What we need is a movement. There’s lots of good work happening around the new economy. There’s good work happening in businesses, in communities, in some really pioneering policy makers, and academics working on this, but it’s disconnected. It’s not sufficiently joined up or collaborative.
— Katherine Trebeck

The Alliance has come about through a collaboration of some of the most influential and inspiring figures in this space. One of them is Dr Katherine Trebeck, the Alliance’s Research Director. She’s also an author, with her new book out next year, ‘The Economics of Arrival: Ideas for a grown-up economy’. 

WEAll is set up to help bring about the transformation of the economic system, society and its institutions, so that we prioritise shared wellbeing on a healthy planet. How will it do that? How did it come about? Who’s involved so far, and how do more of us join in?

Katherine talks with Anthony about all this, along with some key developments like the new Wellbeing Economy Governments coalition being launched at the OECD’s Wellbeing Forum next month, and some of her instructive personal journey into the very heart of how we organise ourselves. 



Beds are Burning, by Midnight Oil, from the album Diesel and Dust.

Tin Legs & Tin Mines, by Midnight Oil, from the album 10 to 1.

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