#001 Regenerative Economics

A conversation with John Fullerton, former Wall Street exec & founder of the Capital Institute


Welcome to our first episode, featuring an extensive, personal and inspiring conversation between host Anthony James and John Fullerton, the former Wall Street executive who became the founding President of The Capital Institute, a non-profit organisation working to change our 'broken' economic and financial systems.

John Fullerton. Pic: supplied.

John Fullerton. Pic: supplied.

Regenerative economies are springing up everywhere ... there are thousands that we could choose from ... they’re doing it off an intuitive pull towards some future that they instinctively know needs to happen without having read any theoretical paper. This is the most powerful and promising sign because it says that this is happening as a response to the broken system.
— John Fullerton

John’s a former Managing Director of 'the old' JP Morgan, as he puts it, and now founding President of the Capital Institute, a non-profit organisation in the US dedicated to bringing about new, regenerative economic and financial systems.

Given these systems are fundamental to the civilisational crisis we find ourselves in, and therefore how we need to deal with it, this is vital work, and a revealing conversation.

John’s work draws deeply on systems thinking, a broad range of other contemporary and ancient schools of thought, and a range of ‘real world’ case studies, impact investing and other experiments on the ground. All this features in his extensive speaking and writing, including in his white paper, Regenerative Capitalism: How Universal Principles and Patterns Will Shape Our New Economy.

It’s our great pleasure to introduce our first guest online from his home in New York, John Fullerton.

Note: Bendigo Bank CEO, Mike Hirst, tells us the $40m John makes mention of in this podcast, that the bank has returned to communities, is actually $165m (at the time of this program), not including shareholder returns and the spend of branches on wages and so on.

Production by Ben Moore & Anthony James. Pre-production with Maitrea Edwards.

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The film 'A New Economy', featuring John Fullerton, opens the Adelaide Transitions Film Festival on Friday 19 May 2017.



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