#002 A New Economy

A conversation with Trevor Meier, award-winning film-maker


Meet Trevor Meier, award-winning documentary film-maker, photographer, and story-teller. His latest film, ‘A New Economy’, has been a popular feature on the global festival circuit, including nationally in Australia as part of the Transitions Film Festival. 

Documentary film  A New Economy  by film-maker Trevor Meier.

Documentary film A New Economy by film-maker Trevor Meier.

I don’t see it as a fight. I see it as life, this process of creation.
— Trevor Meier

It’s a terrific documentary - much-needed, beautifully produced, and featuring a range of insightful people and projects to fire our imaginations, open our view of the world, and sure up our courage to experiment with new ways of doing things. 

As Trevor explains, this isn’t a movie about the economic crisis we’re in – it’s about going beyond the crisis. It’s about what comes next, or perhaps better said, what is currently coming next. 

Our first guest on this podcast, Capital Institute founder John Fullerton, features in the film. And like John, Trevor has observed hundreds of projects happening on the ground to build a new economy – they considered 600 for this film alone!

His observations of these projects, and of the influential people featured in the movie, are as insightful as his films. He reserves particular mention for John Fullerton, which echoes the reasons we were so pleased to launch the podcast with him. But it’s his comment on his biggest regret of the film that is just as important in this light, raising probing insights into the nature of diversity and power in this space. 

He also talks tellingly about the sense of privilege he feels, and accompanying responsibility, to do what he does with his contribution to the world. And tellingly, again echoing John Fullerton, he talks of the liberating nature of living in this way, with this purpose, this sense of being alive, and connecting with the best of what makes us human – notwithstanding, or even because of, the challenges involved. “I don’t see it as a fight”, he says, “I see it as life, this process of creation.”

Music is central to ‘A New Economy’, and to Trevor’s background, and in many ways his choice of music to end the podcast, and how he describes what it means to him, says everything you need to know about him, and the potential of the new economy we might create together.

Speaking with Trevor affirms a sense of possibility in the world, one grounded in the reality we might not commonly see unfolding on daily media, but we can see it in his films, and hear it in this conversation. Trevor joins Anthony online from his home in Vancouver.

Production by Ben Moore & Anthony James.

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A New Economy most recently opened the Adelaide Transitions Film Festival on Friday 19 May 2017.



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