#018 Protecting Ningaloo

A conversation with marine scientist, mother & unlikely campaign leader, Denise Fitch


Denise Fitch is a nurse, mum, marine scientist & unlikely leader of the Protect Ningaloo campaign – possibly the next big flashpoint in Australia, as we continue to grapple with transitioning from the dominant extractive, fossil fuel driven model of development, to the next ‘regenerative’ one. 

Anthony James and Denise Fitch by Exmouth Gulf. Pic: Anthony James.

Anthony James and Denise Fitch by Exmouth Gulf. Pic: Anthony James.

The importance of having people who are able to direct us and help us with this campaign can’t be understated. They’re amazing. But we’ve also connected with community groups, with indigenous groups. It’s a wonderful opportunity to bring community together to talk about the future.
— Denise Fitch

Denise is Chair of the Cape Conservation Group – the local group at the heart of the Protect Ningaloo campaign. She sat under a tree by Exmouth Gulf with host Anthony James to talk about the meaning of place, the latest with the Protect Ningaloo campaign, the great opportunity in it, and what it means to the movement for change more broadly.

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Title slide: Overlooking the Gulf. Pic: Anthony James.



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