#034 Undermined

Award-winning documentary from the Kimberley, with young Aboriginal leader Albert Wiggan


Listeners last year might remember our series produced on location in the spectacular Kimberley region of Western Australia. This year, the Kimberley is coming to us – through an award-winning documentary film that premiered nationwide in February. It’s called Undermined: Tales from the Kimberley.

Albert Wiggan in the Kimberley. Pic: supplied.

Albert Wiggan in the Kimberley. Pic: supplied.

It’s the most rewarding thing for me, to be able to fight for something so important, for my children and their future. And when you look at things like money and all these other artificial concepts, that is the one thing that puts us all in the same picture, our children.
— Albert Wiggan

Australia’s vast and unspoiled Kimberley region is under threat, with the ‘old industrial’ model of mining, pastoralism and irrigated agriculture driving an unprecedented land grab. The film investigates the politics of an area now forebodingly branded ‘the future economic powerhouse of Australia’, including what this means for the country’s First People and their unique cultural landscapes.

The world premiere sold out all screenings at the Melbourne International Film Festival in late 2018, and it’s been cleaning up awards at film festivals around the country since.

Young Aboriginal leader Albert Wiggan is a key protagonist and co-producer of the film. He’s also an Indigenous Ranger, sits on a number of boards including the Kimberley Land Council, and is a world class musician who has toured with the likes of John Butler. In this watershed moment, he sees opportunity for a ‘meaningful conversation’ about a future that is more fitting for the Kimberley, and beyond.

Anthony caught up with Albert just after he’d introduced the West Australian premiere to a full house in Perth.

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