#032 An Underground Insurgency

Regenerative Agriculture & Human Transformation, with Charles Massy


Charles Massy has become an extraordinary hub of knowledge, wisdom and stories of regeneration. Specifically, in regenerative agriculture, and alongside that, the art of human transformation. His latest book 'Call of the Reed Warbler’ continues to make an enormous impact in Australia, and Charles has just embarked on an overseas tour behind the release of an updated international edition. 

Charles Massy with Anthony James at Severn Park farm. Pic: Charles’ grandson Hamish

Charles Massy with Anthony James at Severn Park farm. Pic: Charles’ grandson Hamish

You can’t force change. All you can do is have solutions tried and proven and ready for when change comes, and the people can go and grab those solutions. And that’s what’s happening at the moment.
— Charles Massy

Paul Hawken appears on the inside sleeve, saying this about the book:

“Charles Massy has written a definitive masterpiece that takes its place along with the writings of Aldo Leopold, Wendell Berry, Masanobu Fukuoka, Humberto Maturana, and Michael Pollan. No work has more brilliantly defined regenerative agriculture and the breadth of its restorative impact upon human health, biodiversity, climate, and ecological intelligence.”

Charles writes and talks about the growing repertory of stories of what are in some cases extraordinary tales of regeneration – including his own. He also takes a look behind that regeneration, at how change happens not just in the land, but in the landscape of our minds.

Charles and Anthony pulled up a pew at the farm, Severn Park, a few weeks ago, for this conversation.

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