#026 Critical Parameters for the New Economy

Keynotes by Ian Lowe AO & Dr Mary Graham at the 2nd National New Economy Conference


The 2nd National New Economy conference in Australia began with a couple of extremely witty and profound keynote addresses. Together, Professor Ian Lowe and Aboriginal elder Dr Mary Graham craft a deft balance between gravity and levity, authority and guidance, and everyday language with a breadth of insight that genuinely captivates. 

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There was a cartoon, a picture of this high building, a skyscraper, and a figure has either jumped or is pushed off. Anyway he’s falling, falling down, and he’s about at the 10th floor and still going. And he says, ‘so far, so good’.
— Dr Mary Graham

Ian is an Order of Australia medal winner, former President of the Australian Conservation Foundation, and author of over 20 books. He talks of current trajectories and patterns, offering a broad take on what’s required and what has worked for social movements most effectively in the past. 

Mary is a highly respected Aboriginal elder, Associate Adjunct Professor at the University of Queensland, and a consultant in Aboriginal community planning and development. She offers a sweeping perspective on ‘First Nations Economics’ and its relevance to our society today. And tellingly, both speakers converge on the moral aspect of achieving the new economy transition. 

So what are the most important elements – the critical parametres - of the new economy? And how do we go about harnessing them towards making that new economy our reality?

With thanks to Scotty Foster for the recordings of these keynotes.

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