#013 Paul Hawken in conversation part 1

His life, the growing movement & human change


To kick off 2018, we have a special 2-part podcast with Paul Hawken. Paul continues to influence heads of state, CEOs, activists & people from all walks right around the world. He was in Australia for a few weeks in February touring new best-seller 'Drawdown: The most comprehensive plan ever proposed to reverse global warming' & was kind enough to spend some time with Anthony for this in-depth conversation.

Paul Hawken. Pic: Raymond Baltar.

Paul Hawken. Pic: Raymond Baltar.

And that’s where we have to go, you know, not where we are right and then other people feel wrong because of their beliefs or their education, their ideology or their religion. It’s just not, (you) just can’t. You can go there and we know exactly what happens, which is you get push back.
— Paul Hawken

This resulted in a special opportunity to explore not just Drawdown (Part 2 of the podcast, out next week), but also his highly influential life & thinking more generally (Part 1, right here). We'll also podcast his keynote from the National Sustainable Living Festival. And a special extra.



Gone Clear, by William Tyler.

Let Them Know, by the Public Opinion Afro Orchestra.

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